7710 is a Non-Rated mono line insurance carrier. Our balance sheet is supported by a reinsurance program with an A.M. Best ratings of A or better with the majority placed in Lloyd’s of London. Currently 7710 has surplus and capital of over $7,500,000 with $13,000,000 additional available capital.

Our underwriters will review up to a 1.5 Experience Modification Factor. Our loss control services are designed by firefighters to specifically assist in reducing high Experience Modifications.

We are licensed in South Carolina and are developing a National Program to cover 38 states.  We are partnering with Benchmark Insurance Company until our licensing process is complete.

7710 works closely with nationally recognized claims administrator to ensure open communication and efficient claims handling.

Yes, with the assistance of firefighters, we have proprietary loss control services designed to reduce losses and control costs.

We offer annual, semi-annual, quarterly and monthly payment plans.

First, we will work with the employee, department and medical providers to ensure prompt response, efficient processing and comprehensive communication until conclusion of the claim.

Second, our loss control/firefighter staff will work with your department to develop a long-term strategy that will help contain future losses.

No we do not offer package policies, but we work with a number of strategic partners who do.

Each state has specific laws that we must abide by concerning premium payments.

Each state has specific laws concerning claim reporting. We adhere to these state specific statues. However, in order to process your claim promptly we recommend all claims be reported immediately.