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Specialized Workers’ Comp Programs

7710 Insurance has created focused programs and support services for emergency services disciplines in order to customize specific safety-first culture practices centered on risk control. These can have a dramatic impact on lowering the incidence of work-related injury claims, as well as streamlining treatment times, speeding return-to-work, and optimizing claims management – all of which reduce overall costs and increase productivity.

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Workers’ Compensation Programs


A custom workers’ comp program tailored to the unique job duties, hazards, and equipment used by firefighters.

For more information,
visit the Firefighters program page.


A custom workers’ comp program tailored to the unique job duties, hazards, and equipment used by paramedics and EMTs.

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visit the EMS program page.

Workers’ Compensation Support Services


SHIELD Services
Complimentary to all 7710 Insurance customers, SHIELD (Safety and Health Initiative for Evaluating Loss Defenses) is an exclusive service, providing hands-on expertise that expands risk management efforts, optimizes claim outcomes and focuses on the long-term safety and insurability of fire districts and EMS companies.

For more information,
visit the SHIELD program page.


Ready Rebound
In the event of injury, 7710 Insurance customers in select states are eligible for accelerated and customized care plans, similar to what a professional athlete might experience.

Ready Rebound was founded upon the principle of applying both the sense of urgency and rehab strategies of sports medicine to first responders involved in a work related injury. With a background in both college and professional sports, the founders of Ready Rebound believe if athletes can get diagnosed and treated for injuries quickly, so should the people who put their lives on the line for us every day.

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